Campaign - latest user case of Website Reborn Campaign
presented by: Attentio Software Technical Team
published on: October 2019 is owned by Fujian Jinzhu Co. Ltd., with which the company rebuild their Internet identity. So that their products, factory information, and company stories can be shown in a very modern and professional way. Technologies and services used in this case are all available during the campaign.

Index of this user case:

The platform is developed by Attentio Software technical team with latest modern technologies, including HTML5/CSS3, jQuery, ASP.NET MVC, Entity Framework, etc. The web pages are well designed in responsive way, so that every page in the website is able to be viewed on any type of devices. Content shown on the website are bulit based exactly on customer requirements. We host the server on Azure international server, which is accessible everywhere in the world and free of local security inspection.

Modern technology

We build the website with ASP.NET MVC and Entity Framework, using latest SQL server on Azure as backend support. All web pages are implemented in HTML5/CSS3 standards, and page actions are all carefully implemented with JavaScript based on jQuery.

We implement lots of modern designed components for the website content, such as Revolution Slider, CubePortfolio, Reveal animate, etc. With well layouts and carefully implementation, the website is built to display content in a very modern and professional way.

Responsive design

All web pages are designed and implemented in responsive way, visitors can view page in almost all type of devices from mobile phones to large computer screens.

We implement the web page code all based on HTML5/CSS3 standards. Pages are designed to suite with different screen sizes defined by view port. Dynamic view port match rules also enable our pages to dynamically suite with the screen even when it's resized.

Fully customization

Our technical team have many years working experience on customized solutions. We build products all upon customer's requirements to make the product suite customer exactly. With our help, has been a unique Internet identity.

In our project, we design the solutions based on the requirements itself, and implements the software according to the customized solutions. Not simply fill customers' contents to pre-defined framework, which can only produce some repeating and un-professional outcome.

Global web server

Our hosting services are built up with Microsoft Azure cloud service. We can provide the highest availability together with Microsoft Azure support team. Our servers are accessible from most areas all over the world.

Our server location can be changed to specialized in specific areas, for example, North European, West European, North American etc. With specific area settings, the website access speed can be improved significantly.

All our server content is free of local security inspection. Customers do not need to hand in their content report to specific local security departments. Customers can save lot of time and be more free when setup their content.


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