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We provide customized solutions to improve our customers business! We exactly meet the customers’ requirements in our solutions. User friendliness is vital and, of course, responsiveness. The following shows some of our customers who have improved their business operation using our services.

REBO Bamboo

Platform are well designed in responsive way, which can produce nice page in almost every types of devices. Content shown on the platform are built based on exact requirementsin fully customized way. Hosting on Azure enable it to be available everywhere in the world and free of annoying local security inspection.


Assign Group

With majority of its staff working off-site, our intranet solution enables them easy access to vital information uploaded on the platform. Each company in the group have access to company-unique information, all handled from HQ. The responsive design makes it easier using smartphone or tablet to access.


Hestra Markis

The Product and Order management (POM) platform greatly reduces the errors made when distributors place orders with Hestra. Product structures and dependencies are built up to fully define all products including possible accessories. The intelligent order process assures that their distributors cannot make any mistakes.


Ancol Lighting

Our product management platform has enabled the customer to clearly display their offerings and promote products on sale. User friendly back-end operated by customer to display and promote products on public front-end. Visitors have clear access to all product data that Ancol can amend and update at anytime.


Assign Intranet

Responsive designed intranet platform for the company to manage their stuff and company information. The platform is built based on the customer requirements exactly from scratch without using 3rd party CRM framework which significantly reduced the customer company's daily work.


Biofin Santé

Content management platform to assure sales network always have access to relevant sales information. Unique user management to assure correct sales person gets correct information.


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