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Our teams and leaders

We have both business and technical teams lead by creative managers.

Business Team

Specialized for business issues, mainly on contracts, business plans, invoices and services.

Lead by Carl von Bahr

As the founder and owner of Attentio Software Solutions, Carl is dedicated to assure the company delivers highest value for money to its customers. Working with China for the past 20 years, Carl has gained a lot of experience in building up long term and trustful business relations, which has highly benefited his customers. Prior to starting his own company,

Carl has had leading positions in both national and multinational companies within industries like car manufacturing, machine building, telecom and service industry. Carl holds a master’s degree of science (MSc) in Industrial and Management Engineering.

Technical Team

Specialized for technical issues, mainly on design, development, testing, deployment and maintenace.

Lead by Ray W. Xiong

As the technical success manager, Ray is responsible for our development team and for all technical issues within the company. His overall aim is to deliver a solution that exceeds our customer’s expectations. Ray is highly skilled within technologies like SQL, ORM, MVC, HTML/CSS3 and even javascript. Ray also has a very good knowledge on system level programming, has many years experience working with Linux system and has deep knowledge in C/C++ and bash scripts.

Ray holds a master's degree in Computer Science from Zhejiang University. He started to work in some '863' projects from his junior year till got the master's degree. After graduated, Ray had lead lots of software projects. He is a very experienced team leader and is fluent in English.